Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs?


Effectively getting rid of bed bugs takes time and preparation. Our service is designed to keep you feeling safe and protected from bed bug bites while helping you understand what to do next. Unfortunately, you can’t just get rid of bed bugs like taking out the trash. It requires strategy and thoroughness, and that can take time.

Our services are specifically designed for a first-response to your biggest problem – paranoia!


  • First, we do a thorough inspection, and hopefully find nothing.
  • If we do find bed bugs, we’ll ‘quarantine‘ your sleeping area making your bed a safe zone.
  • Then, if required, we’ll schedule more extended treatment and help you prepare.
  • We offer free consultation for preventing bed bug re-infestation.

Email to ask any questions at If you have more questions – email again! We’re here to help.  Click here to see our services and costs. We service the Greater Vancouver Regional District and some surrounding areas.


  • More and more people are dealing with bed bugs – and losing sleep!
  • Dealing with bed bugs can cause serious anxiety (we know first-hand)
  • Attempts to ‘exterminate’ leave you wondering, causing more anxiety
  • There is no quick or simple ‘in-and-out’ solution to get rid of bed bugs
  • The only thing that kills bed bugs instantly is extreme temperature
  • Chemical pesticides are not your only option to get rid of bed bugs
  • Mis-information and overreaction causes wasted time and money

We offer a unique and common-sense approach to effectively getting rid of bed bugs. But you can’t just ‘get rid of bed bugs’ like taking out the trash. … It takes time. Our services are specifically designed for an immediate response to your biggest problem the inability to sleep!

We provide resources for what to do first, and a low-cost ‘quarantine’ service to ensure a bite-free sleep in your bed. Our main focus is restoring peace of mind.